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Donmar Warehouse

February 2021

Director                                      Sara Aniqah Malik

Writer                                          Nessah Muthy

Director of Photography           Femi Awojide

Movement Director                   Kane Husbands

Composer &

Sound Designer                         Xana

As anti-racism movements sweep the globe, young people are pushing for political action, drawing our attention to the racialised power structures embedded within society. Change is on the horizon. 

The Donmar is located on the edge of Westminster, streets away from the historic heart of the British Empire, where statues are a reminder of slavery and colonialism. MONUMENTS is a Donmar Local Project led by Sara Aniqah Malik which explores how the legacy of the Empire continues to impact our community.


                                              -  The Stage

"The legacy of racism and Empire is sticky, a palpable feeling, and as the clay dries and crusts over on skin, director Sara Aniqah Malik and movement director Kane Husbands physicalise the accumulating, inherited weight of this history."

"a energetically persuasive film, wasting no second of its short running time in getting its message across." - Ben Kulvichit, The Stage

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