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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Stephen Adly Guirgis
ArtsEd, 2023
Credit: Steve Gregson
Director - Sara Aniqah Malik
Designer - Laura Ann Price
Costume - Sophia Pardon
Movement Director - Kwami Odoom
Lighting Designer - Chris Mould
Sound Designer - Hattie North


Lucy Kirkwood
LAMDA, 2023
Mosquitoes__Photo Alex Brenner__DSC2835_dx_s.jpg
Credit: Alex Brenner
Mosquitoes__Photo Alex Brenner__DSC4175_dx_s.jpg
Mosquitoes__Photo Alex Brenner__1DC5558_dx_s.jpg
Mosquitoes__Photo Alex Brenner__DSC4006_dx_s.jpg
Mosquitoes__Photo Alex Brenner__1DC5214_dx_s.jpg
Projection used in the show:
Cinematographer & Editor: Katie Edwards
Director - Sara Aniqah Malik
Designer - Delyth Evans
Movement Director - Kwami Odoom
Lighting Designer - Stephanie Siraut
Sound Designer - Ciara Brady
Intimacy Director - Christina Fulcher
Fight Director - Micaela Miranda

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Adapted by Sara Aniqah Malik
Iris Theatre (Actor's Church), 2022
Midsummer for website.jpg
midsummer 2 for website.jpg
midsummer 4.jpg
midsummer 6.jpg
midsummer 5.jpg
Director - Sara Aniqah Malik
Designer - Sophia Pardon
Movement Director - Kwami Odoom
Sound Designer - Julian Starr


Rory Mullarkey
LAMDA, 2021
Pity 5.jpg
Pity 6.jpg
Pity 2.jpg
Pity 3.jpg
Pity 1.jpg
Director - Sara Aniqah Malik
Designer - Grace Smart
Movement Directors - Kwami Odoom & Rachel Leah-Hosker
Lighting Designer - Amy Hill


Lot Vekemans

The Wardrobe Theatre, 2019


Katie Edwards


"Under Sara Aniqah Malik’s beautifully paced direction, Poison is a dark tale of loss and of lost opportunities." Stage Talk Magazine 

"Sara Aniqah Malik’s production carefully modulates the minor shifts in key, the playing out of the conversation as coffee turns to wine and cheese...Beautifully etched work." Kris Hallett, Life as Theatre

Will prod shot .jpg
Darby Poison.jpg
Poison for fund.jpg
Will prod shot 2.png

Cinematographer & Editor            Katie Edwards

Composer                                       Kristina Arakleyan



Sara Aniqah Malik

VAULT Festival, 2019

Director/ Writer       Sara Aniqah Malik

Designer                  Roisin Martindale

Lighting                    Sam Morley

Composer                Kristina Arakelyan

Cast                          Raagni Sharma

                                  Yasmin Wilde

                                  Laura Waldren

Musicians                 Megan McArthur

                                  Edie Bailey

"an exquisite portrait of a mother and daughter—and what is said and left unsaid in their relationship." Lyn Gardner
"[There is] the right mix of intimacy and claustrophobia...The daily rhythms of their lives – ablutions, prayers, fasting rituals – are evoked in synchronised movements accompanied by a violinist and vocalist. These are glimmers of beauty..." The Guardian
"Sara Aniqah Malk’s script is both pure and real...The depth to these characters is never ending, I felt like I’d known them for years through the intimacy they lay bare on stage." everythingtheatre
"Salaam is about stillness in a chaotic world...conveying the tension and disparity between peace in one’s own space and a true, inner serenity." BreakingTheFourthWall
salaam for vid.jpg
Salaam 2.jpg
salaam for vid 2.jpg

Cinematographer & Editor            Katie Edwards

Composer                                       Kristina Arakleyan


King's College, London

Tempest image for website.jpg

Director/Adaptor                             Sara Aniqah Malik

Assistant Director                             Katie Edwards

Designer                                           Sophie Altham

Composer                                        Jaren Feeley


Caliban for website.jpg
The Tempest, William Shakespeare.jpg
Tempest for website 2.jpg


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